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Call for Sessions - European Association for Urban History 2020

The 15th International Conference on Urban History will take place in Antwerp from 2 to 5 September 2020. The official conference programme of lectures and sessions will be accompanied by a lively social programme, including receptions, a conference dinner and the opportunity to visit major cultural sites in and around Antwerp. The Conference will be organized around the general theme of Cities in Motion, targeting movements of all kinds, mobility and migration as constituting elements of urban society. But the conference also welcomes lectures and sessions about other themes of urban history and urban studies. Antwerp offers a wide range of touristic, social and cultural events.

Submissions: until 28th February 2019.

Call for Papers - 5th Symposium on Ethics and Social Responsability Research

The 5th SESRR aims at not only promoting discussions on theoretical models and research empirical results, but also debating policies, strategies, and practices. It will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on 6 and 7 june 2019 and it is organized by DINAMIA’CET, a research unit of ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal.

Abstract submission: until 15th January 2019.

Call for Papers – ESA RS12 - Simmel and Beyond

The 100th anniversary of the death of one of the most singular thinkers in the history of Sociology is celebrated: Georg Simmel. In the certainty that the events in the world and particularly in Europe constitute a powerful challenge to the application and development of the Simmelian legacy, our purpose is to invite all those who feel somewhat challenged by Simmel's thinking and who use his concepts and methodology, to present here the results of their investigations.

Abstract submission: until 1st February 2019.

Call for Papers - Revista Forum Sociológico 2018 (CICS.NOVA)

A Forum Sociológico, publicação do CICS.NOVA, convida a todos a submeter artigos originais para publicação. Além de artigos originais, aceitam-se propostas de dossiês temáticos e recensões críticas de obras relevantes.

Submissões: esta chamada está aberta em permanência.

Call for Papers - Dossiê «Futuros do Trabalho: Políticas, cenários e vivências subjetivas»

Encontra-se em aberto a chamada para trabalhos da Revista Configurações no âmbito do dossiê temático Futuros do Trabalho: Políticas, cenários e vivências subjetivas a ser coordenado pelos Doutores Ana Paula Marques (CICS-UMinho/ CICS.NOVA), Miguel Chaves (CICS.NOVA/ FCSH.UNL), Helena Serra (CICS.NOVA/ FCSH.UNL) e Paula Urze (FCT-UNL, CIUHCT) e publicado no segundo número de 2019.

Submissões: até 31 de Dezembro de 2018.

Call for Papers: 4th Transforming Care Conference – Copenhagen

We invite scholars to express their interest in submitting an abstract to the selected Thematic panels (TP) of the Transforming Care Conference 2019. 

Abstract submission: 1st January 2019. 

Call for Papers - XIII Congresso Espanhol de Sociologia

Encontra-se aberta a chamada de trabalhos no âmbito do XIII Congresso Espanhol de Sociologia "Sociedades en la encrucijada, compromissos de la sociología".

Submissões de resumos: até 31 de dezembro de 2018.