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Covid-19: Two out of three Portuguese people reduced the intensity and frequency of outdoor exercise. An Iberian study, with the participation of CICS.NOVA researchers, on the change in the practice of outdoor exercise during confinement, was shared by several news channels. In addition to the news agency LUSA, the results were also shared on TVI24 online, in Visão Saúde, in Health News, in Observador, among others.



Lockdown has led to a decrease in physical exercise. Newspaper Público shared the results of an Iberian study on the change of outdoor exercise practice during confinement due to Covid-19, developed by researchers from CICS.NOVA and GISEAFE.

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What is our life? How will we live the city? Researcher João Seixas was interviewed on radio station Antena 1 about the changes that our relationship with the cities could experience due to the pandemic.

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Now what? What will happen to nightlife? LXNights research network, in which CICS.NOVA researchers participate, gave an interview to Time Out magazine, discussing the Covid-19 impacts in the cities' nightlife. 

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Covid-19: Telework is here to stay, but it comes with certain risks, experts warn. António Brandão Moniz, CICS.NOVA researcher, was interviewed by the newspaper Público in an article that also gathers the opinion of other experts on telework in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Nightlife, a government priority in post-pandemic times. Jordi Nofre, a CICS.NOVA researcher, co-authored an article published in the newspaper Público about the nightlife in the face of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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What is the impact of the forced confinement related to the Covid-19 pandemic? José de São José, a CICS.NOVA researcher, is interviewed by SIC on the impact of the Covid-19 related social isolation on the elderly. 

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The current housing problem can and should be used to correct regional asymmetries. Gonçalo Antunes, CICS.NOVA researcher, was interviewed by SMART/CITIES Magazine | Sustainable Cities on the problem of access to housing.

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The researcher Iva Pires talked about food waste on Linha da Frente, a TV show broadcast by RTP1 on January 9 2020. Available here.
Iva Pires is the author of the study PERDA (waste), which is a result of the Project of Study and Reflexion on Food Waste, coordinated by her, Sofia Guedes Vaz (Cense, NOVA FCT) and David Sousa (ICS-UL; CESTRAS). 



The researcher Álvaro Borralho (CICS.NOVA.UAçores), coordinator of the Study about the electoral abstention in the Azores, talked to Publico newspaper about this research project. Available here




António Brandão Moniz was interviewed by Daniel Oliveira for his podcast “Perguntar não ofende”. They talked about robotic and technological development, its consequences to the professions related to services, commerce, management and industrial production, as well as the progressive empowerment of the machines. António Brandão Moniz authors the book Robotics and Work: The future today, edited in 2018.


CICS.NOVA was one of the partner institutions of the project Life Berlengas, financed by the European Comission. Over a period of six months, the field work was accompanied by a team that developed a documentary for SPEA Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves (applicant organization of the project).
Iva Pires writes about how “To reduce food waste for a more sustainable future” in Jornal Económico. This essay follows the publication of her book Desperdício Alimentar, in 2008, edited by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation.
Paula Reis, researcher at CICS.NOVA.UÉvora, gave an interview to Lusa agency about the trajectory of public policies in Portugal and their effects on low-density territorial rural areas. She studies these matters in her PhD Thesis, on Tourism, Leisure and Culture.
RTP Notícias (December 10, 2018), available here.
Diário de Notícias (December 10, 2018), available here.
Vera Duarte participated in the program "90 seconds of science" of Antena 1 (EP. 472 VERA DUARTE – ESTUDO PROPÕE NOVO MODELO DE INTERVENÇÃO PARA RAPARIGAS EM CONTEXTO DE RECLUSÃO) and talked about the models and the good practices of intervention on girls in context of reclusion or in educative centres. "90 seconds of science" is promoted by ITQB NOVA, NOVA FCSH and Antena 1, supported by Novartis.
The integrated researcher Cecília Delgado writes about "How to feed the cities in a more sustainable way? The contribute of urban agriculture" in Revista Rede Rural Nacional, n. 7, edited by the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development and by the National Rural Network.
Visão magazine published an interview with the CICS.NOVA researcher Iva Pires, where she talked about food waste in Portugal (November 2018). Pires is the author of Food Waste, a book published by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation in 2018. She had previously worked on the subject in the project PERDA - Projecto de Estudo e Reflexão sobre o Desperdício Alimentar.
Joaquim Fialho, integrated researcher at CICS.NOVA.UÉvora, was interviewed by Fernando Alvim, for his radio programme Prova Oral, broadcasted by Rádio Antena 3 (September 2018). The programme dealt with matters concerning Social Media. Helena Arco (CICS.NOVA.UÉvora) participated as well.
The researcher Ana Lavrador talked about the project Atlas das Paisagens Literárias de Portugal Continental to the Dia 15 newspaper.
Enrico Borghetto's research about the effects of the increasing economic inequalities in the European legislative agendas, developed with Derek Epp (University of Texas, Austin), is mentioned in "As inequality grows, so does the political influence of the rich", published by The Economist.
The researcher Paula dos Reis Amaral (CICS.NOVA.UÉvora) was interviewed by Lusa and Radio Antena 1 about her PhD thesis “Tourism, Planning and Regional Development: Intervention Strategies on the Historical Villages of Portugal”. Read it on Público.
The researcher Cecília Delgado gave an interview to Público newspaper within the report “How to feed a city in a sustainable way?
The researcher Susana Batista published an article in the Observador about “School enrollments and the social and territorial inequalities”.
The researcher Regina Salvador gave an interview to the TV channel SIC Notícias where she talked about the Chair Jean Monnet OCEANID: EU Maritime Economy and Blue Growth. The interview is available here.
Público mentioned the work Maria João Leote conducts on children and youth delinquency and juvenile justice in two articles:
Dois anos depois de saírem de um Centro Educativo, 31% dos jovens reincidiram. Available here.
Prisão perpétua para jovem no Reino Unido é rara mas não é única. Available here.
The researcher Manuel Carlos Silva (CICS.NOVA.UMinho) writes about his work “Pobreza, exclusão social e desigualdades: breve revisitação de conceitos e alguns dados sobre Portugal” in the newspaper Diário do Minho.
Available here: page 1; page 2; page 3.
The researcher Nuno Boavida gave an interview to Jornal Económico where he talked about the future of work in Portugal.
Available here.
The researcher Gonçalo Antunes was interviewed by Jornal de Negócios about housing (25 June 2019). He worked on that subject in his PhD thesis. Here.