MASMA EMERGING KNOWLEDE - Emerging Knowledge for Local Adaptation in the Western Indian Ocean

Researcher in Charge: Sérgio Rosendo
Reference: MASMA/OP/2013/01
Team: Bruno Neves
Applicant Entity:

CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Funding Entity:

Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association

Keywords: Local governments. Climate change. Vulnerability. Adaptation. Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Science-policy interface.

This project will define a knowledge management strategy to improve the generation, capture, storage and delivery of knowledge to and from key government stakeholders, and to ensure adequate coastal management and long-term planning in the face of climate change.


CORDIO East Africa - Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean  (Quénia); MOI - Mauritius Oceonographic Institute (Mauritius); UEM - Universidade Eduardo Mondlane; INGC - Instituto Nacional de Gestão de Calamidades (Moçambique)

Starting Date: 2014
Ending Date: 2017