ETHICHO - Ethico-ontological choreographies: Forms of objectification and evaluation of the human embryo in vitro in the context of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Scientific Research

Researcher in Charge: Catarina Delaunay Gomes
Reference: PTDC/SOC-SOC/29764/2017
Team: Alexandre Martins
Daniela Soares
José Manuel Resende
Mário Santos
Pedro Jorge Caetano
Researchers not belonging to CICS.NOVA: Amélia Augusto (CIES-IUL); Tiago Correia (CIES-IUL)
Applicant Entity:

NOVA FCSH: Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (CICS.NOVA)

Funding Entity:

FCT (Projetos I&D)

Keywords: Assisted Reproductive Technology; Embryo research; Status of the embryo in vitro; Experts versus laypeople.

This project aims to develop an in-depth and far-reaching sociological research on the conceptions and meanings about the human embryo in vitro in order to establish the basis for an empirical knowledge that would: 1) improve the existing forms of care in medically assisted procreation, namely the communication process between health professionals and infertile couples, as well as information provision concerning cryopreserved human embryos in terms of decision-making; 2) generate innovative impacts in the scientific community (increased sociological knowledge) and civil society (citizen accountability and inclusive health governance).

Starting Date: 2018
Ending Date: 2021