EERNEP – Experiences and expectations of return of new Portuguese emigrants: reintegration and mobilities

Researcher in Charge: José Carlos Marques
Reference: PTDC/SOC-SOC/28730/2017
Researchers not belonging to CICS.NOVA: Co-IR: Pedro Góis (CES-UC); Isabel Oliveira (CIES-IUL); João Peixoto (SOCIUS/CSG) Joana Azevedo (CIES-IUL)
Applicant Entity:

Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (IPLeiria);

Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (CICS.NOVA / IPLeiria).

Funding Entity:

FCT (Projetos I&D)

Keywords: Emigrants return; Mobilities; Reintegration; Development.

From 2005 onwards, Portugal registered an intensification of emigration flows that produced important demographic, social and economic impacts in the country. With the easing of the crisis, the return to growth and new crises in the EU (Brexit, anti-immigrant movements in several countries, etc.), there is the expectation of returns movements to Portugal. These returns may contribute to the demographic and economic development of the country, due to investments that can be made and, also, due to the transfer of knowledge accumulated during migrants? residence abroad. This study aims to study the return of Portuguese emigrants, with a focus on some of the main destination countries in recent years, such as the United Kingdom, France and Luxembourg, in order to be able to take into consideration the influence of contextual differences on the decision-making process and on the effective experience of return.


Centro de Estudos da Universidade de Coimbra (CES-UC); ISCTE - IUL: Centro de Investigação e Estudos em Sociologia do Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (CIES-IUL)

Starting Date: 2018
Ending Date: 2021