Crowd-work: Finding new strategies to organise in Europe

Researcher in Charge: Nuno Boavida
Reference: Crowd-work
Team: António Brandão Moniz
Luís Baptista
Funding Entity:

European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion 

Keywords: Crowd-work

The rising of platform-work creates many difficulties to represent and organize crowd workers and challenges the traditional forms of organized labour and the European social model. The goal of this project is to analyse strategies of alternative unions or movements and trade unions aiming to represent crowd workers in Europe. It will reflect on strategies to organise and represent crowd workers, produce policy options ensuring social protections and labour rights, and elaborate new pathways for exploiting the potential positive effects of crowd economy and platform-based work.

In order to address these challenges, we will conduct four case studies per country about strategies of trade unions, alternative unions or movements and activities in four European countries. The partnership is composed by countries representative of the Mediterranean, Centre-west and Eastern model of industrial relations (i.e. Portugal, Spain, Germany and Hungary). The analysis will be shared and discussed in three mutual learning international conferences, involving partners, experts and stakeholders (e.g. crowd workers, key individuals in alternative unions and movements, trade unions, platform firms, crowd companies and associations and policymakers). Evidence from these activities will be assessed, compared, summarised in three reports (peer-reviewed by experts), one book and in policy recommendations. The project will include a distinct international expert assessment committee to contribute throughout the monitoring process, the peer review process and our meetings to ensure the highest level of scientific results.                


NOTUS em Espanha

 Institute of Technology Assessment and System Analysis do Karlsruhe Institute of Technology na Alemanha

Academia das Ciências na Hungria 

Starting Date: 2019
Ending Date: 2021