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Maria José Roxo

Research Group:

3: Cities, Environment and Regional Development

Research Team:

Global Change, Local Responses

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Maria José Roxo is Full Professor. The topics of research are: desertification, degradation of ecosystems, climatic changes, environmental catastrophes, sustainable development. She participated and coordinated several national and international scientific projects, such as EPOCH, MEDALUS I, II, III, DESERTLINKS, LADAMER, DESURVEY and LUCINDA. Is a member of the National Commission for Combating Desertification and Scientific Responsibility, by the Experimental Soil Erosion Center, located in the Municipality of Mértola. It is part of the Portuguese Committee for the International Program of Geosciences of UNESCO. Received in 2013 the United Nations "Dryland Champions" award, on June 17.

Research Interests:

Desertification. Natural Hazards. Land Degradation. Natural Resources. Environmental Changes.

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