Alix Didier Sarrouy

Research Group:

2: Citizenship, Work and Technology

Research Team:

Political Participation, Activism and Leadership

Online Profile:


Alix Didier Sarrouy is a social science researcher, a musician & a performer. He is French and he has lived in several countries, mostly in Portugal. He does research in sociology and anthropology, insisting on qualitative methods and field work. He is an interactionist, inspired by pragmatist philosophy and ethnomethodology. He has a BA in Cultural Mediation (Paris III), an MA in Cultural Politics (Paris VII), and a double PhD in Sociology of Art & Culture (Sorbonne Nouvelle & Minho University).  

Research Interests:

Art. Culture. Education. Youth. Citizenship.

Main Projects:

  • 2019-2022 – Investigador integrado no projeto ArtCitizenship – Juventude e as artes da cidadania: práticas criativas, cultura participativa e ativismo. Coordenador: Ricardo Campos (PI). Projeto FCT no CICS.Nova, FCSH-UNL. PTDC/SOCSOC/28655/2017;
  • 2013-2017 – Investigador integrado no projeto Multilevel Governance of Cultural Diversity in a Comparative Perspective: EU-Latin America (GOVDIV). Coordenadora: Beatriz Padilla (PI). Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions. International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (PIRSES), Grant Agreement 612617. European Commission, 7th Framework Program for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration.

Main Publications:

  • SARROUY, A.D. (2018) Territoires de l'instrument musical: l'objet comme acteur educatif. Les Politiques Sociales (Belgium), special issue on Art, médiation culturelle et territoires. Nº: 3&4. Pp: 51-63. ISSN 1374-1972;
  • SARROUY, A.D. (2018) Madres of núcleo Santa Rosa de Agua. Revista Estudios Culturales Comparativos d’el GOVDIV - Europa-Latin America.  Number 5.  Lisbon/Seville.  Pp. 41-52: ISSN 2531-9884;
  • SARROUY, A.D. (2017) Adapt to better adopt: Ethnography in music education schools of Venezuela and Portugal. Sociologia On Line, 15. Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia. Pp. 15-30. DOI: 00.0000/SON2017;
  • SARROUY, A.D. (2015) Sociocultural animations and mediations: complementarity between theory and practice. Ebook of the Education School, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal.  Pp. 47-61. ISBN: 978-989-99447-0-1;
  • SARROUY, A.D. (2014) Complexity in using art as a mediation instrument with immigrants. Minutes from the 8th Congress of the Portuguese Sociological Association. Pp. 3-20: COM0981.