Bettina-Johanna Krings

Research Group:

2: Citizenship, Work and Technology

Research Team:

Technology, Communication and Risk

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Bettina-Johanna Krings is Head of the research area Knowledge society and knowledge policy at ITAS-KIT, Germany. She is Deputy speaker of the Work and technology topic within the "Humans and Technology" focus of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Member of the ethics committee of the research group: "Dorfgemeinschaft 2.0 – Das Alter im ländlichen Raum" and Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary International Graduate Summer School “RRI and Future-Making: Responsibility through Anticipation” - Event. Furthermore, she is Member of the Observatory for Technology Assessment of CICS.NOVA.

Research Interests:

Technological Innovations and their Impacts on Working Structures. Concepts of the Man-Machine Relation. Theory and Methods of Technology Assessment. Sociological Theories of Modernity.

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