The Vale Formoso’s Soil Erosion Experimental Centre (CEESVF) is a reputed centre in Europe and worldwide in subjects such as soil erosion in agricultural areas and desertification.

This status is due to the quality of the existing information as well as to the longevity of this centre. It is operating from the agricultural year of 1960-61 until the present day, and during this period the centre has been implementing in installments experimental models, that seek to evaluate the importance of agricultural practices and the role of different cultures in the conservation of soil and water.

The centre is located at the Beja district, Mértola “Serra” county – 2 km from Vale do Poço  –, left bank of the Guadiana river, in the Herdade de Vale Formoso.

This Herdade is part of  Baixo Alentejo's Experimental Centre – Alentejo's Regional Directorate of Agriculture – Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development.

Since the beginning of the 90s, the scientific coordination of CEESVF and the research and dissemination activities are under the responsibility of Maria José Roxo, researcher at CICS.NOVA.