Membros Integrados

Begoña Aramayona

Grupo de Investigação:

3: Cidades, Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Regional

Equipa de Investigação:

Cidades, Transportes e Globalização

Perfil Online:

E-mail: ;

Interesses de Investigação:

Vida nocturna urbana. Segurança. Informalidade. Deslocação. Métodos de base visual.

Principais Projectos:

As main Researcher (PI):

  1. Geographies of the nocturnal city: A comparative and policy-oriented study on the leisure practices of young people in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon (January 2018-June 2020), funded by the Centro Reina Sofía sobre Adolescencia y Juventud (Ref 2019/0151/136500; 9.200€);
  2. The Displacement of Informality: Geographies in the city of Madrid' (June 2018-June 2019), funded by the Urban Economy Area, Madrid's City Council (5000 €).
  3. Urban Planning in Contemporary Southern Europe: comparisons between Lisbon and Madrid' (June-July 2017) funded by YERUN (Young European Research University Network) Research Award (1500€).


Participation in R&D projects

  1. 2020-ongoing: (Scientific Coordinator):  'Legalizing Gangs?: The constitution of associations based on youth street groups in Spain, Ecuador and El Salvador: evaluation and prospective (2000-2025). PI: Pr. Carles Feixa). Universidad Pompeu Fabra.

  2. 2016-2018: 'JEUNES. Social and Political impact of austerity in young people in Spain and France'. PI: Pr. Irene Martín (UAM) and Pr. Bruno Cortès (CEVIPO-Science-Po Paris), funded by Casa de Velázquez-UAM.

Principais Publicações:

  • Aramayona, B. & García, R. (2019). Decoding middle-class protest against `lowcost´ nightlife tourism in Madrid. Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, 11(3), 380 – 393. (SJR IF 2018: 0.42; Q2)
  • Aramayona, B., García, R., Martínez-García, J.M. & Corraliza, J.A. (2019) 'Traditional residents'? Nimby, nightlife and de-appropiation in urban centres. Athenea Digital, 19(1), 1 – 27. (SJR IF 2019: 0.195; Q3)
  • Aramayona, B. & Nofre, J. (2020). The City of (Dis-)Trust: Balconies, the biopoliticised self, and the new everyday governmentality of the public space in Madrid in times of COVID-19. Town Planning Review, 92(2), 257-262. (SJR IF 2019: 0.38; Q2)
  • Aramayona, B., Ávila Cantos, D. & García-García, S. (2019). When 'urban security' is part of the problem. In I. García-Pedraza (coord.), Prevent violent extremism (pp. 43-53). Madrid: Tangente.
  • Aramayona, B. (2020). 'Fear, Disgust and Dignity': The Securitisation of Everyday Life and the New Revanchism Against the Urban Subaltern in a Working-Class Area of Madrid. In M. Smagacz, M.V. Gómez, P. Pereira, L. Guarino, S. Kurtenbach, J.J. Villalón (coords.), Inequality and Uncertainty: Current Challenges for Cities (pp. 87-104). Singapore: Palgrave-MacMillan.