Simmel and Beyond: The Contemporary Relevance of Simmel’s Thought



O livro Simmel and Beyond: The Contemporary Relevance of Simmel’s Thought, coeditado por Pedro Caetano (CICS.NOVA) e por Maria Manuela Mendes (ISCSP e CIES-ISCTE), publicado pela Routledge, será apresentado online.

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Bringing together the work of scholars from across Europe, this book shows how Simmel's categories can be used to explore contemporary issues and further shed light on trends characteristic of global modernity. Drawing on Simmel’s sociological theory and expounding new approaches to research inspired by his work, this
volume emphasises the conceptual pillars of Simmelian thought, meanings, processes, and forms. As such, it will appeal to scholars of sociology and social theory with interests in the work of Simmel and its contemporary relevance.