23 rd Annual Coloquium: “Sustainable Rural Systems: Smart Answers for a Smiling Future” (Patrocínio CICS.NOVA & FCSH/NOVA) | Colóquio Internacional da União Geográfica Internacional



(…) “Smart Answers for a Smiling Future”

In a globalized world a myriad of constraints and potentialities challenge our capacity to find a strategy in order to develop the territory with inspiration and creativity.

Rural areas are generally sensitive territories demanding specific approaches.

In the European Union three priorities are put forward in the framework of Europe 2020 Strategy:

Smart Growth, based on knowledge and innovation;

Sustainable Growth, towards a greener and competitive economy using resources more efficiently;

Inclusive Growth, to boost employment and reach social and territorial cohesion. This is the framework that we offer you so that together we try to find the smart answers for a smiling future! (…)


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